Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Malaysia VIP: Lamborghini Countach

Taken from various website there is 4 Lamborghini Countach were capture. The color various from red, blue, white and orange and so is the model LP400 and LP500 and LP500S and the 25th anniversary Countach.

The White one. Register in 2008.

Before Registration with a UK plat number
After Registration

Red LP400

 Orange Countach. Owned by Zaiton boss Abdullah Ang the LP500S before someone else bought it already. Maybe undergoes a complete restoration right now.

Blue 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach

The famous scissors door in action :)

Silver LP500S same as the orange one at Sepang international circuit and on the road

picture source: ferrari chat and lowyat


  1. XTVT sblm habis thn ni.

  2. just blogwalking here and gua nampak Lambo CP3 tu. gua pernah duduk dalam kereta tu masa gi rumah boss Zaiton.

    thanks sebab buat gua nak cari balik picture lama gua.hehehe.. thanks.

  3. The white QV is mine. I bought it in from the UK under the MM2H scheme, so there was no import tax!
    Thanks for putting the pictures up :)


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