Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buggati EB110

I think this is the only unit in Malaysia and only 130 were produced. Very rare machine...

source: ZTH

Thursday, June 23, 2011

WG 26 Transformation from Bentley to Maserati

The car keep changing but the number still the same.
Transform from Bentley flying spurs to awesome Maserati.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Info: Maserati Gran Turismo S

The GranTurismo S is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 in place of the regular GT's 4.2-liter unit. Output is 433 horsepower at 7,000 rpm with a torque rating of 360 lb-ft at 4,750 rpm, improvements of 28 and 21, respectively.
In the S, an advanced MC-Shift dual-clutch transmission replaces the ZF six-speed automatic. The changes result in a top speed for the S of 183 mph, up from 177 mph, and the 62 mph arrives from a standstill nearly three-tenths of a second quicker, at 4.93.
Due to the transaxle configuration, the weight distribution of the S is more rear-biased, at 53 percent, compared to the regular car's 51 percent rear bias.
New high-power Brembo brakes improve stopping distance and offer higher resistance to fade. Maserati claims the car can stop from 62 mph in less than 115 feet. The system features front brake discs made with dual-cast technology, resulting in pairing up iron and aluminum for better weight, heat transfer properties, and squeezed by aluminum mono-bloc 6-piston calipers.
Compared to the standard GranTurismo, the S rides on unique 20-inch wheels, up from 19-inch wheels.
Other exterior visual distinctions between the two are unique side skirts and an integrated spoiler. The dimensions of the GranTurismo and S are virtually identical, though the S is 2.7 inches wider.
Apart from the above changes, the S features conventional suspension set-up, aggressively tuned to reduce roll by 10 percent as compared to the pedestrian GranTurismo. The electronically-adjustable Skyhook suspension found on the weaker car is an option.
The interior is upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather and Alcantara for increased luxury, and covers the more aggressively bolstered seats.
source: leftlanenews

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