Friday, August 26, 2011

Info :Photo of Ferrari Accident

Unscheduled bodywork: What remains of a Ferrari F40, which ended up looking a lot less impressive after a Houston mechanic made a clumsy conversion while on a test drive

Instant convertible: The owner of this F430 Scuderia was lucky to escape with his life after an accident led to a roadside guardrail almost sheering the roof off

 At least the indicator still works: The owner of this Ferrari 599 GTO lost control and ended up flipping the car over in a ditch. Thanks to the car-maker's safety features, however, nothing other than pride was hurt

Flooded engine: A Ferrari 360 Spider is half on and half off the Croatian island of Pag after a van pushed it into the water. While it was professionally retrieved it may not see its former glory


  1. better takyah beli ferrari. risiko accident amat dasyat :(

  2. Kete ni mmg laju tapi nak handle pon susah sebenarnyer....


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