Friday, November 11, 2011

Malayisa VIP : Nissan Skyline R35 with HKS GT600 kit

 •  Racing Center Pipe (75mm x2 - 85mm)

 •  Intercooler Pipe Kit (Polished Alum.)

 •  Pre-programmed EVC (JDM Spec)

 •  Pressure Release Computer (PRC)

 •  Super SQV Blow-off Valve Kit

 •  Reinforced Actuators

 •  Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs (M45HL)

 •  Premium Suction Kit

 •  Fuel Pumps x2

 •  Fuel Pressure Regulator

 •  Superior Finisher with GT600 emblem

Picture source: LowYat
Other source: HKS USA GT600 Package

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